Press Release
September 11, 2017

Sen. Lacson's Sponsorship Speech for Senate Resolution 478


Mr. President, fellow members of this august chamber, I have the honor to present Resolution No. 478 entitled "Resolution Honoring and Commending the Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos of 2017."

While some may have failed to realize is that public office is never about ambition, money, or power, the Filipino people are still fortunate to have public servants who value aspirations more than ambition, who regard modesty over money, and who exercise leadership more than power.

Mr. President, we are grateful to have our 10 Outstanding Filipino Awardees today who prove that selflessness in public service is not an empty phrase but rather a collective aspiration.

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, we find hopes in the likes of Teachers Jennifer Rojo and Edgar Elago; Master Micrologist Dr. Esperanza Cabrera; and Food Security Advocate Dr. Alonzo Gabriel, who have pioneered leading innovations and educational strategies in their respective fields. These educators prove that commitment to civic duties can break the culture of complacency.

Further, Mr. President, we can look up to our soldiers like Staff Sergeant Narding N. Pascua of the Philippine Army, Lieutenant Colonel Elmer B. Suderio PA (GSC), and Lieutenant Colonel Ricky P. Bunayog PA (GSC), who braved the frontlines of the battle grounds and performed beyond the bounds of duty to serve our beloved country.

Amidst the controversies that surround the Philippine National Police as an institution, Police Officer 3 Shiela May S. Pansoy, Police Chief Inspector Rosalino P. Ibay, Jr, and Police Senior Superintendent Joel B. Doria serve as inspirations in carrying the PNP's mandate "to serve and protect." Notable indeed among our officers' accomplishments is how they were able to take on a community-oriented approach in the fight against criminality, with high regard on human rights, morality, and integrity.

Mr. President, without a doubt, our 10 Outstanding Filipinos of 2017 are among the patriots who contribute to the noble pursuit of genuine public service and good governance. They deserve nothing but our snappiest salute.

This is also an opportune time to commend the Metrobank Foundation for staying true to its vision of promoting a culture of professionalism, excellence, and heroism. The Metrobank Foundation has always been instrumental in inspiring our fellow Filipinos towards the highest ideals of public service.

In view of the foregoing, Mr. President, this representation urges this august body to adopt Senate Resolution 478 honoring and commending the Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos of 2017. Thank you very much and have a good day.

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