Press Release
September 26, 2017

Transcript of Ambush Interview with Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On the SBMA issue

Drilon: Ginawa yan umpisa sa time ni GMA, which was really not correct. But it was perpetuated, sa time ng Aquino administration ganoon din ginawa. Mas maraming position, mas politically acceptable. Pero if you look at the law, the chairman is also the chief executive officer or administrator. So tama sila doon na isa lang ang dapat. (Please see a note below regarding RA 7227 or SBMA law)

Q: Doon sa redaction ng SALN, tama ba yun?

Drilon: Dito naman sa amin, hindi naman ganon, nire-release lahat. Dahilan po diyan, we must revisit yung SALN law para liwanagin kung ano ba talaga ang tama dahil ang sinasabi nilang dahilan ay privacy. This should prompt us to revisit and review the present SALN law.

Q: Yung tungkol lang sa hazing, do you recommend yung total ban?

Drilon: I recommend the total ban because section 2 of the law, if you read it, mukhang pinapayagan ang hazing basta may notice. Of course kung may masaktan ay ibang bagay iyon, pero yung initiation and hazing eh basta mayroon kang notice, mukhang pinapayagan, bagama't mukhang hindi iyan ang intention ng batas. But the way it is worded, it appears that way. So I'm in favor of totally banning hazing.

Q: Did you experience before yung hazing?

Drilon: Yes.

Q: Did it help you in any way?

Drilon: It helped me to come to the conclusion that we should ban it.

Q: Why?

Drilon: There's really no sense in it. You get into that simply because you were young. Talagang walang katuturan yung ganoong klaseng proseso.

Q: Balikan ko lang yung SALN, does it protect the privacy of cabinet members?

Drilon: Iyan na nga, privacy versus accountability and transparency, so kaya dapat tingnan natin ulit ang SALN law at tingnan kung may dapat baguhin.

Q: Tama ba yun na magkaroon ng legislative police yung congress?

Drilon: I am not prepared to concede that there is a need for that. Initially I do not see the need. I haven't seen the proposal.


Note: Section 13 (d) of RA 7227
(d) Chairman/Administrator - The president shall appoint a professional manager as administrator of the Subic Authority with a compensation to be determined by the Board subject to the approval of the Secretary of Budget, who shall be the ex officio chairman of the Board and who shall serve as the chief executive officer of the Subic Authority: Provided, however, That for the first year of its operation from the effectivity of this Act, the mayor of the City of Olongapo shall be appointed as the chairman and chief executive officer of the Subic Authority."

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