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October 2, 2017


To help the country to be truly appreciated in a leadership role among nations and thus achieve developed nation status, Senator Richard J. Gordon said Filipinos should elect leaders who will effectively harness their talents and skills.

During the conferment ceremonies of the Royal Institution, Singapore and Royal Institution, Philippines, Gordon pointed out that countries like Japan, the United States and others, ARE highly-developed countries because their leaders harnessed the talent of their countries.

"In a country like the Philippines with 104-million people, we should really try to emulate the practices of other countries...Some of the countries like China and India are in a great competition with Japan and Korea. The Philippines has yet to step up on the plate and make its mark in the world. That is why it is so important that our people learn to elect authentic leaders in this country. Not those who will cater to the vulgar or the popular, but those who will really transform, make an analysis of whether we're on the right track. Who know not only how to fix the blame, but to fix the problem," he said

Gordon was given the Honorary Fellow award, the highest and most prestigious lifetime award from the Royal Institution, in recognition of his contributions and achievements as an outstanding public administrator, leader, lawyer, policy maker, philanthropist, among others. He was also conferred the Doctor Fellow award which will authorize him to use the letters "FDr" before his name.

Also awarded along with the senator last Saturday, were Vice Admiral Eduardo Ma. R. Santos and Brigadier General and Engineer Alejandro T. Escano.

Gordon said the Philippines is a country with all the potential talents and skills but sometimes, the Filipinos' preoccupation towards titles and awards deter their ability to be able to craft a vision of greatness for the country.

He added there should be more organizations like the Royal Institution who engage in education, engage in the different disciplines like engineering to build nations because education is about "leading people out of darkness and enabling them to see the light of good decision-making and country-building and the building of dignity."

"That is what I think we should see today - a country that earns the respect of everyone. You can cheat even God, you can go in front of the mirror and tell yourself you're a great man. But when it comes to the people, they will know if you have drawn out the best from them and made them produce a little city of Olongapo, which used to be the Sin City of the country and made it into a model city. Or for that matter, they can take over a challenge like Subic - where we failed in Clark, where we failed in Sangley Point, today it has become a model for Freeport development through volunteerism, where young people from all over the world came down and believed in a vision..." he further said.

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