Press Release
October 5, 2017


Question: The President said he does not favor a law on fake news because it is tantamount to censorship. Will you still pursue a law on fake news given a possible veto by the President?

Grace Poe: As a legislator, while I am concerned about the pernicious effects of the proliferation of fake news that can destroy not just a person's reputation but institutions as well, I am in no way in favor of any measure that aims to suppress our freedom of speech or expression.

What I intend is to come up with a law that will increase the penalties for cyber libel caused by fake news and make public officials and employees, whether elected or appointed, hired as a consultant or adviser, paid or not, criminally liable for posting fake news online where malice is presumed.

Freedom of expression ends when libel begins. By way of special law, it would be wise to make it a public policy to deem fake news a malum prohibitum offense.

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