Press Release
October 11, 2017

Villar SIPAG launches training on urban containerized vegetable farming

In an effort to promote and sustain urban agriculture, the Villar SIPAG (Social Institute for Poverty Alleviation and Governance) launched a training on Urban Containerized Vegetable Farming last August.

Sen. Cynthia Villar, Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food and Managing Director of Villar SIPAG, led the launch of the latest agriculture-related partnership with MacPlas (Macondary Plastic) Academy and SM Foundation's Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan.

"Through the training on urban containerized vegetable farming, even city dwellers will now have the opportunity to acquire skills and know-how on how to grow their own urban gardens. With the proper skills and training, anyone can be an urban gardener with a decent container garden that cold provide them with herbs and vegetables," Villar said.

Training is scheduled every Friday at the Villar SIPAG Farm School Las Piñas-Bacoor where participants are now being taught vegetable planting on small spaces such as their backyard or in recycled plastics and containers. The yields of their pocket urban garden could provide vegetables for their daily consumption, ensuring the quality of the food they serve on their table and generating savings, in the process.

Aside from hands-on training and lectures, participants will also have a market tour toward the end of their training.

The three-month training will culminate in the Harvest Festival on November 16 where participants will be able to showcase the harvests of their urban vegetable garden. The following day, November 17, the participants will be graduating from the training.

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