Press Release
October 16, 2017


We support the genuine modernization of our mass transport system, including our jeepney fleets. However, we stand firm that any program to be implemented must be the outcome of transparent consultations from a broad range of stakeholders and must be equitable to all parties concerned. Unilateral decisions will prove counter-productive.

The two-day nationwide transport strike on October 16 and 17 should serve as a wake-up call to the Department of Transportation to listen to the jeepney drivers and operators, who have been airing their woes about the program.

Modernization should not result in the displacement of jeepney drivers, who often belong to the country's poor.

We find merit in the sentiment of our operators and drivers: the phase-out of jeepneys must be done gradually. Fleet management or maintenance of jeepney units through the Motor Vehicle Inspection System should also be included in the guidelines.

Kahit anong bago ng unit mo, kung hindi mo rin ime-maintain, maluluma din agad yan. With the high costs involved, the PUV modernization program should be looking at sustainable modernized PUV fleets. Hindi pwedeng basta bago lang.

Ultimately, representatives from the land transport sector must be included in the consultations. We are hearing complaints that the public consultations have become a mere formality to satisfy the requirements of the law. Not all groups were consulted.

Let's aim for a win-win solution: one that will alleviate the traffic situation, help clean the environment and give productive income especially to the poor sectors of our society.

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