Press Release
October 17, 2017

Statement on Pulse Asia Survey on War on Drugs

Pulse Asia yesterday published the findings of its September 2017 Nationwide Survey on the Campaign Against Illegal Drugs, revealing that 88 percent of Filipinos continue to support the Duterte administration's crusade against the drug trade.

The overwhelming public support for the government's drug war - despite the staunch opposition of a vocal, but apparently small minority - provides the Duterte administration with a crystal-clear mandate to continue the campaign against illegal drugs with renewed vigor.

The challenge we now face is to continue the War on Drugs in a way which will inspire public confidence in the integrity of law enforcement authorities and avoid unnecessary bloodshed. This can be accomplished by instituting reforms to guarantee transparency and accountability in the conduct of anti-illegal drug operations, ensuring the constitutional rights of drug suspects and innocent bystanders alike will be respected at all times. I am confident the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, the government's vanguard in this renewed battle, will be successful in meeting this challenge head-on.

Ultimately, it is my sincere belief that we must stay the course in achieving the vision of a drug-free Philippines. I am one with the President and the Filipino people in the fight to eliminate the scourge of drugs from our society.

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