Press Release
October 23, 2017

Grace Poe on New TNVS Guidelines

Question: What can you say about the LTFRB's promise during the hearing to finish its revised TNVS guidelines by September?

I have previously received the letter from the LTFRB explaining their delay in releasing the revised TNVS guidelines and thank them for updating our office.

I understand that given the numerous issues involved, which only came to light during the technical working group (TWG) discussions, it might be irresponsible on the part of the LTRFB to release new guidelines without taking into account the new issues that have surfaced. Even during the TWGs conducted by my own committee, it appears that the problems were not limited to simply the number of vehicles on the road or that of surge pricing. Issues on fleet service, company markings on vehicles, and even insurance, among others, also need to be addressed.

Nonetheless, I strongly urge the LTFRB to complete the revised guidelines at the soonest possible time after it has failed to meet its self-imposed deadline.

In the interest of public service, the LTFRB should release the guidelines before the end of the year, preferably before the holiday rush.

To delay the release of those guidelines will affect, not just the daily commute of those who rely on TNVS, but also those who rely on it for a living.

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