Press Release
October 30, 2017


We condemn the killing of Grab driver-partner Gerardo "Junjie" Amolato Maquidato Jr. and exhort the concerned authorities to arrest the perpetrators.

Grab Philippines should show utmost cooperation with the police in sharing relevant details that could help track down these killers on the loose and in retrieving the vehicle of Junjie.

Grab should also make use of available technology in tracing the identity and origin of the killers.

We support the plan to institutionalize in the system of Transportation Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) additional security measures that would help verify the identity of the passengers, especially those contracting ride-hailing services at night. This should be done, of course, with the understanding that the information would be kept confidential.

As my committee drafts the law on app-based riding services, we shall take into account and include provisions that will not just ensure the safety of the riders, but the drivers as well.

It is lamentable that in the past months, the TNVS community has become the target of lawless elements, victimizing its driver-partners. They need protection, as well.

Swift justice is the least we could give to Junjie, who is known to be a good samaritan among his colleagues and passengers for his generous deeds.

This atrocious incident should not happen again to anybody, who only wants to make an honest living by offering safe and comfortable ride to Filipinos.

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