Press Release
November 5, 2017


I urge the MRT management to immediately take a more rigorous technical evaluation of all the remaining coaches to make sure that life-threatening glitches do not occur at the very least knowing the line's current status of being prone to breakdowns.

The decision to suspend whole operations of the MRT lies with the management whose technical staff are in a better position to assess the extent of the dangers. Several weeks have passed since the MRT management assured us during budget deliberations that the line was still safe to operate but in recent days such assurance seems dubious now.

While I agree that prevention despite possible inconvenience is better than having a disaster, on the other hand, traffic is already as bad as it is, and it will get worse when the Christmas season kicks in. Thus, we can expect more stranded commuters without the MRT.

Nonetheless, the DOTr presumably has the technical expertise to assess the safety of the trains. If they do not act on this or continue to turn a blind eye, then the blame ultimately rests on their shoulders.

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