Press Release
November 6, 2017

Points raised by Sen. Zubiri during the hearing on the death of Atio Castillo

Points raised by Sen. Juan Miguel F. Zubiri during the hearing of the Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs joint with the Committee on Justice and Human Rights and Committee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Laws

Unwanted Secrecy in hazing procedure or service:

Ventura's batch, consisting of three students, was fully blindfolded while being transported to the venue of the hazing. Ventura had such a sketchy description of the venue as seemingly somewhere in Batangas.

During paddling, the initiates are undressed and blindfolded. They are only down to their underwear, or briefs. This incorporates mental torture with intent to embarrass and physical torture wherein paddling in that state of undress will inflict more intense pain with the paddle hitting the skin and muscular tissues directly.

Relentless physical and mental torture as regular hazing practices:

For three days, an initiate is subjected to mental and physical torture. Paddling is inflicted on the last, or third day - in the case of Ventura.

Neglect of mandates by the University authorities:

The Office of Student Affairs and the dean of the Faculty of ____ were too lax and visibly inept at preventing damage from being inflicted on the unwary students. There were blurred descriptions or categorizations such as: recognized, suspended, not recognized. The OSA itself tending to divert the blame onto the Student Council for submitting a proposal to hold a Freshman orientation wherein the SC generically allows all student orgs to present. Had the said authorities prevented the Aegis Juris from offering their fraternity as a "legit" student organization, Atio could very well be alive today.

Preexisiting medical condition of Atio will not save your skin, AJs! :

Amado Alvarado vs PP: when there is use of illegal violence, any pre-existing medical condition of the victim does not relieve the illegal aggressor/s of criminal responsibility

Intent to cover up the criminal acts from media, Atio's parents and authorities:

Atty. Capili called Dean Divina that a student died having been informed by Atty. Hagadi -- himself reading of the incident from Facebook Messenger wherein a neophyte collapsed during hazing and had died.

quotes from Missing Chat pages being presented anew that could shed light on the crime.

Palolobohin pa ng media yan, pag walang kumontrol.

Ayusin muna frat Lib.

Mapapahamak Big Bro.

Dapat ba sabihin niya real name niya? Napulot sa Tondo.

Delay post sa Facebook.

Pa check na lang cctv along Frat Lib.

Secure the tickler, sunugin na lang, delete Messages.

Delete the frat Page, kahit ito delete na. Tawagan na lang tayo.

May kilala ba tayo na pulis? Ano procedure mag-investigate?

Takas siya (Solano). Takas talaga paraan.

Dapat masabihan na si Big Bro para masabihan niya barangay na sira ang cctv.

Presscon na kasunod niyan.

Kung sakaling kunin phone niya (Solano), damay na kaagad tayo.

Disbarment of certain lawyers mentioned:

Grossly immoral conduct

Conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude (contrary to justice, modesty, good morals)

Concealment of evidence

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