Press Release
November 15, 2017


What happened was a very unfortunate incident that could have been prevented with a passenger railing safety feature. But right now, the DOTr should focus on the overall safety of the MRT, which could impact a larger number of people in case a serious technical glitch strikes. In reality, the riding public faces so many of the MRT's structural and technical time bombs that put in serious doubt the DOTr's assurance that it is still safe to ride these trains. For example, the signaling system of the rails, which is a basic safety component, is incompatible with the Dalian trains purchased by the previous administration. The rails are also defective and broken, and have yet to be fully replaced by the agency.

While many of the woes began with the past administration, the current problems are now in the hands of the DOTr. If they are earnest and sincere in addressing these problems, then they should work faster on bettering our train system.

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