Press Release
November 18, 2017

Minority Senators' Statement -- One Year After Hero's Burial for Dictator
(Senators Aquino, De Lima, Drilon, Hontiveros, Pangilinan, and Trillanes)

A year ago today, our country woke up to the news of a dictator's funeral.

The arrangement had been planned in secret, against the law and against the wishes of the Filipino people, many of whom to this day demand justice for the horrors of the Marcos regime -- then again, one could not have expected more from a family of thieves who remain unapologetic and willfully ignorant of their crimes.

But while a false hero was being buried at the Heroes' Cemetery, true heroes were rising to the challenge and making their voices heard. All across the country, we saw the power of a people who never forgot the truth about this dictator. Crowds numbering in the thousands gathered to condemn the disrespect and utter shamelessness of the secret funeral.

Amidst this dark attempt at historical revisionism came the light of thousands of indignant Filipinos who remember their history and cry out: he is not a hero.

Much of our news today tells us how far we still have to go, how so much is still to be done. So on this day, let us choose to remember not the burial but the people who rose to the call: protesters who showed a strong sense of hope, pride, and solidarity. Never forget. Never again.

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