Press Release
November 24, 2017


Since PDEA is legally mandated to be the country's primary agency in the anti-drug campaign, it would be ideal if the PDEA retained leadership and the PNP lends its full operational muscle to fill up the lack in manpower besetting the drug agency.

We must not forget that the PNP has been involved in too many controversial operations, thus casting doubt on the organization's ability to uphold the rule of law and respect basic rights. With PDEA remaining on top of the operations and with PNP as main support, the government will be able to help rectify the manner or conduct of such operations. This is also consistent with the president's desire to pursue a more vigorous anti-drug campaign.

In addition, the PNP must also clean up its organization and strengthen the IAS.

The directives and goals of the leadership must always be in accordance with the law and due process, and must also stress the importance of human life.

Finally, we need to see the drug problem from a wider perspective. It should also be considered a health and socioeconomic issue that requires alternative mechanisms to address the drug problem from these angles.

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