Press Release
November 28, 2017


To refresh Secretary Roque's memory, the Traffic Crisis Bill in the House of Representatives has not even entered second reading. While in the Senate, the Emergency Powers Bill is already on second reading and nearing the end of the period of interpellations. Although not certified urgent, we have been conducting non-stop interpellations on the EP measure. Once the Senate concludes the period of amendments on the budget bill, then I shall resume interpellations on the EP. I doubt that it will pass this year, unless certified urgent. But with the help of my colleagues, we can have this passed on third reading early next year.

For reference:

Press Briefing of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque November 27, 2017


RUTH/RADYO PILIPINAS: Thank you, Sec. Si Senator Grace Poe is asking for the President to signed up urgent bill, iyong emergency powers to resolve iyong traffic situation.

SEC. ROQUE: We appreciate the concern of Senator Grace. But as of the time I left the House of Representatives which is only been a whole month, the House had already passed the traffic crisis bill. So it's a waiting action on the Senate. So really it's the Senates call whether or not to enact this traffic crisis bill into law.




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