Press Release
December 2, 2017


In light of the announced transport strike scheduled on December 4-5, and in consideration of the interests of various stakeholders--the transport sector and especially the commuters, I am calling for an urgent hearing of the Senate Committee on Public Services on Thursday, December 7.

I am appealing to transport groups Piston and the Stop Jeepney Phaseout Coalition to reconsider and call off their planned strike and instead sit down with us in the committee so that the Senate can hear their concerns regarding the proposed jeepney modernization program of the government. I understand that certain issues in the modernization program still need to be carefully studied and threshed out with the concerned government agencies. We hope this can be done during the committee hearing. We also want to hear the alternative proposals from different stakeholders.

On Monday, I will file a resolution in order to conduct a hearing that will address these issues of PUV drivers and operators alike. Their problems are not theirs alone, but that of the entire nation that depends on the kind of public transportation they offer. Let us sit down and talk, and find ways to move forward with solutions that are socially just and feasible.

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