Press Release
December 11, 2017

Transcript of Interview with Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On the martial law issue

SFMD: Kailangan at sang-ayon sa Korte Suprema at sa Saligang Batas, kailangan ay may actual armed uprising constituting rebellion or invasion, and when public safety requires it. In an extension, the same standards must apply. Pakingggan muna natin bukas, may briefing ang security forces, pero wala akong alam na talagang may armed uprising. Ating pakinggan dahilan sa iyan ang standard sa Saligang Batas.

Q: Hindi basis na mayroong threat?

SFMD: Yung threat ay hindi po standard iyan, even yung in danger ay hindi standard iyan; kailangan ay actual.

Q: Factor ba yung sentiment ng mga residents?

SFMD: No, that is not a factor. Otherwise magkakaroon ka ng survey diyan every time if they want to; and that wanting to is not a basis for declaring martial law.

Q: They feel safe daw kapag may martial law?

SFMD: The same standards, whether you declare or extend, there must be an uprising.

Q: Yung kay Ballsy and Eldon Cruz, do you thin they're off the hook?

SFMD: The enumeration of the people in the syndicate and the personalities in government involved would not include Ballsy Cruz, Eldon Cruz, former Sec. Singson and former Sec. Abad, so I don't know where all these talks are coming from. Under oath, the witness said 'ito po ang sindikato.' Binanggit niya lahat ng pangalan both in the government and private sector, and wala pong nabanggit doon na pangalan nina Ballsy Cruz, Eldon cruz, Singson at Abad. Hindi ko malaman kung bakit sila sinama.

Q: Si Sec. Singson nasa watchlist?

SFMD: You know, it's unfair that they placed him in the watchlist when the very testimony he is not a member of the syndicate, wala siyang alam; he based his actions on the basis of the documents in front of him; he stopped payment; he verified; he verified again; he stopped payment; he paid less than one-third of the recommendation. Under jurisprudence, the secretary has the right to rely on recommendations of his subordinates. Hindi naman pwedeng bawat dokumento ay isa-isahin ng secretary at sisisihin siya kung nagkamali.

Q: Doon sa Cruz couple, waste of time na to invite them?

SFMD: I don't see any point. There is no evidence against them. What will you invite them for? To deny something that does not exist?

Q: How do you rate the witness? Is he credible?

SFMD: I don't want to pass judgment at this point, I'm just looking at his testimony and just on the basis of what he said, Sec. Singson, Sec. Abad, Ballsy Cruz and Eldon Cruz have no participation in this.

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