Press Release
December 12, 2017

Transcript of Interview with Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon

Q: Sir, dito ba sa briefing pwede pang magbago ang stand ninyo?

SFMD: I think the authorization of Congress to extend martial in accordance with the request of the President is a foregone conclusion. Congress is a political body and the President has the super majority in both houses It is expected that notwithstanding our reservations and opposition, the Congress will authorize the extension of martial for one year in the entire Mindanao, as requested by the President. So we will go though the motions. Ultimately the Supreme Court will have to decide on this, whether or not there is in fact a factual basis for the extension or martial in the entire Mindanao.

Q: The minority bloc is not out to question the legality of the extension?

SFMD: We will put on record our objection but as I've said, the Congress is a political body. I think Congress will heed the President's request and ultimately, the Supreme Court will have to decide on the validity of the extension.

Q: But you are objecting?

SFMD: We will raise constitutional issues. There is no armed uprising or actual rebellion, which is a requirement under the constitution for an extension.

Q: Clarification, is the minority going to question it before the SC?

SFMD: No, we're not decided on that. I am sure there are groups who will bring it up to the Supreme Court.

Q: But you will put on record your opposition?

SFMD: Yes, on constitutional grounds.

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