Press Release
December 23, 2017


Sen. Manny Pacquiao remains true to his campaign promise a year and a half after earning a seat in the Senate: ease the burden of the common people.

In his short stint as a member of the upper chamber, he filed 36 quality bills. One of which was the Wireless Internet Access Act (SBN 190), which was passed into law as RA 10929 or the Free Internet Access in Public Places.

He also managed to file several resolutions, including the controversial Senate Resolution No. 318, A Resolution amending Senate Rule XXV Sec. 72. In the said resolution, the neophyte senator battled against veteran lawmakers in adopting a measure that runs counter with the Constitution.

Pacquiao also played a pivotal role in the inclusion of the increase in tobacco tax in the Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion (Train) Law. By doing so, he dared to stand against huge tobacco companies and pushed for the reduction of cigarette consumption and smoking prevalence in the country.

In a statement, Pacquiao said he would continue to file sensible legislations that really aim to uplift the status of the people.He vowed to prioritize measures that are needed by the Filipino people.


Approved at the committeelevel is Pacquiao'sOFW Handbook Bill. The bill seeks to provide migrant workers with a handbook that aims to serve as their ready reference if and when they need to assert their rights as overseas employees.Furthermore, it ultimately aims to put an end to the country's problem on human trafficking.

His 180 Days Maternity Leave for all Women Worker (SBN 194), which was substituted by SBN 1305 is just a few hurdles away in the House of Representatives from being enacted into law. With this legislation, Pacquiaohopes that women in the workforce are afforded ample time to recover and regain overall wellness.

Under his chairmanship, the Committee on Public Works has also approved SBN 1620, which aims to abolish the Road Board. This development aims to free the government from redundant layer of bureaucracy which eventually becomes a source of graft and corruption.

Pacquiao is also set to head the Sub-committee on Education, Arts and Culture to tackle the Citizen Armed Force or Armed Forces of the Philippines Reservist bill. This bill seeks to provide for the restoration of mandatory military training for all Grade 11 and Grade 12 students to organize and mobilize them for national defense preparedness.

On top of all these, the much needed amendment to the Philippine Sports Commission's charter is on its way. The Committee on Sports, headed by Pacquiao, approved the Expanded Philippine Sports Commission Act of 2017. It is set to be deliberated on the plenary as soon as Congress resumes its session next year.

True to his commitment to the boxing industry, he also proposed the creation of the Philippine Boxing Commission through the Philippine Boxer's Welfare Act of 2016 (SBN 191), which was approved by the Committee on Sports. Once enacted into law, it would provide and implement the necessary welfare incentives and benefits long overdue to all professional boxers.


At present, there are only ten (10) bills from the Senate that were approved by the President. These ten bills comprise those legislations that are of national significance as opposed to the numerous bills emanating from the House of Representatives that are of local application.

Two (2) of these ten bills pertain to the "Postponement of 2017 Barangay and SK Elections."While another two (2) billsare offshoot from the direct orders of the President and not necessarily from the Senators' initiative, namely, "Extending Validity of Passports" and the "Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion."

Hence, only six (6) of the Senate bills approved by the President are of the Senators' initiative. One (1) of which is authored by Senator Emmanuel Pacquiao, which is the "Free Internet Access in Public Places."

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