Press Release
December 24, 2017


Christmas is a chance to be in the company of loved ones: a time to get together and catch up with relatives we've long since been out of touch with; a time to celebrate with family and close friends, and drink and toast to more years of friendship. No Filipino household is ever without the traditional Noche Buena, however small and humble the feast is -- what matters is we are with the people who matter as we celebrate December 25.

As we welcome the Savior's birth, we also remember how this past year has made it difficult for plenty of families to celebrate their Christmas with the usual joy and vigor. Many lost family and friends to a bloody campaign that has resulted in pain and grief for its victims. Many will celebrate away from the homes they have been denied the chance to return to. Many will celebrate alone. But although it is saddening, they represent the heart of the fighting Filipino: we are a resilient people, a nation that always looks to hope and love when all seems too difficult. Without a doubt, they will find a way to greet the Birth of Christ with smiles on their faces.

This is the true meaning of Christmas, and what the Christ's birth has come to represent: joy, hope, and salvation.

Whatever our circumstances may be, we will always be a people of good cheer, who love and cherish each other, headstrong and full of heart -- as long as we are with the people who matter.

Have a merry, blessed Christmas everyone.

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