Press Release
December 28, 2017

Grace Poe on MMFF FPJ Memorial Award

Congratulations to the movie 'Ang Panday' for winning the FPJ Memorial Award for Excellence in this year's Metro Manila Film Festival.

We commend all the entries and winners in this annual film festival for displaying the Filipino talent and ingenuity to promote the love for local movies.

The FPJ Memorial Award, which started in 2012, is bestowed on the entry that would stand out for its content, creative execution, mass appeal, redeeming values, and love for family and the oppressed.

The choice of 'Ang Panday' as recipient of the FPJ Memorial Award is serendipitous; first, because it is a return of FPJ's legendary movie; second, because of its timely theme that highlights bravery leading to the triumph of good.

We need people of courage in our midst, who are selfless and willing to take risks. Every act of kindness is a heroic act. It need not be big all the time.

The FPJ Memorial Award recipient for this year immortalizes my father's works and aspirations, not only for the local movie industry, but also for the ordinary Filipinos he loved.

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