Press Release
December 30, 2017

Senator Joel Villanueva's Rizal Day message

More than a century ago, a great man sacrificed his life to free his countrymen from the shackles of abuse and colonialism. Dr. Jose Rizal, the patriot hailed as our country's national hero, is popularly known for his writings that ignited Filipinos' hearts and minds to rise against an unjust and corrupt system.

As we celebrate Rizal Day, may we all take time to contemplate his teachings and principles, and ask ourselves what we can do to contribute in nation-building.

Let us further take this opportunity not only to pay tribute to Rizal's heroic and selfless deeds, but also to strive to emulate his sense of duty and burning passion to bring progressive and nationalistic reforms for the love of our Motherland.

May this day be a meaningful commemoration for our beloved kababayans.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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