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March 10, 2021

PNP's reported ban on PDA 'declares war on love, not on COVID'

The PNP leadership should clarify the announcement of their spokesman on public displays of affection (PDA).

On its face, his statement seems to be a police declaration of war on love, and not on COVID. If these are the new rules of romantic engagement during LDR—Love in Duterte's Rule—then I believe that the President would not agree to it.

If all acts of public display of affection are prohibited—harmless kisses, holding hands, hugs—then the rules border on the absurd.

Will the ban include the "Mano po!" of kids to their grandparents, as it falls under the standard definition of affectionate acts? Or how about the wife at the back of a bike holding her husband tight for dear life, will her hug be prohibited, too?

Take note, the PNP spokesman's statement frowns upon public display of lovey-dovey "for health reasons." So a couple who shares a bed at night cannot kiss each other goodbye on the street when they go their separate ways to work and should just text each other kiss emojis?

Ang bait naman ni COVID that it doesn't harm couples making out in private. This is a scientific eureka moment worthy of a Nobel Prize.

Communication is an important tool in fighting the pandemic. Words can move—and frighten—a nation. When you wield a loud microphone, don't treat it like a police whistle you can blow anytime.

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