Press Release
March 19, 2021

on being considered to run for higher office by 1Sambayan Coalition

I am thankful to the convenors of 1Sambayan for including my name in the list of those being considered to run for the two highest offices in government.

I recognize the special significance of building a coalition that would articulate the voices of many Filipinos who long for a better governance and more stable future as the world continues the fight against an invisible enemy.

We know that we continue to tread a difficult road, and we need someone who can unite us far greater than divide us. Someone who can inspire hope in the midst of all the adversities.

Being elected into office for the second time, it is more than enough blessing for me--a mother and a housewife who started as an intern--to be given the extraordinary privilege to serve.

But I want to end all speculations. I am not running for higher office.

Many may not know--opposite to the lure of public office--politics is always brutal on the family than on the politician. Sadly, that has always been true to us.

As a mother of four, I cannot subject my family again to the ugly brand of politics, the injustices, the sustained attacks, the lies, and how it stained and wounded us.

I don't want my family to be transported back to the grim era when we were demonized na parang kami na yata ang pinakamasamang nilalang sa buong universe.

Indeed, goodness of heart is deeper than the eyes can see.

Like any Filipino, it is also my wish to see a better Philippines. I believe that our leaders must have a clean track record; have an upright stand on difficult and uncomfortable issues; have clear-cut plans in addressing the country's problems; and must have a strong moral compass.

For now, I will remain as your Senator, your public servant, and be the voice for those who can't speak.

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