Press Release
June 24, 2021

Statement of Senator Joel Villanueva on the passing of President Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" C. Aquino III

I am still shattered in a million pieces.

The nation lost a leader, and I, a friend. But he was more than that. He was a mentor, a brother to me.

If I was TESDAMAN, he was the TESDA Godfather. He believed in the great talents of our youth, waiting to be unlocked if given good training, the right breaks, and inspiring success stories. By ordering that they be trained, he invested in their dreams.

We now commit him to the embrace of our Lord, and his life and works to history's kind judgment.

When the passion of the present has died down, a fair assessment of his administration will bear the truth of great achievements, brave decisions, and moral leadership.

PNoy spent his post-presidency in the ways he wanted it to be: a simple man, plain Citizen Noy, a compassionate tito, never missing the perks and the powers he once wielded.

Condolences and prayers to his dear sisters, family and loved ones. Rest in Peace, PNOY.

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