Press Release
July 9, 2021

Dispatch from Crame No. 1,094:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima on Dr. Fortun's Autopsy Findings of the slain activists in Southern Luzon


They were really shot to be killed, according to Dr. Raquel Fortun.

The result of the autopsies on the 9 activists who died in those #BloodySunday raids in March of this year proves what we've been saying all along: Duterte has expanded his Davao Death Squad blueprint on a national scale in the past five years that he was President.

Just like in his war on drugs, summary killings are the norm in his anti-insurgency campaign. Pinapalabas na nanlaban kahit hindi nanlaban. These summary executions indeed warrant a full-blown murder investigation, if government still cares to investigate killings ordered by its President.

Hindi na maipagkakaila na ang summary killings ang pangunahing polisiya ng rehimeng Duterte. Tapos ngayon, gusto pa ng sociopath serial killer na ito na tumakbong VP. Ano ang unfinished business niya? Hindi pa niya tayo nauubos lahat?

Kung gaano kasiba ang Davao government na ito sa kaban ng bayan, ganun din siya kauhaw sa dugo. Mga aswang!

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