Press Release
July 13, 2021

'The Great Wastes of China in what might become the Waste Philippine Sea'

It is not only reclaiming land in the West Philippine Sea; by its actions, it is also renaming it as the Waste Philippine Sea.

By turning reefs into toilets, two man-made things are now visible from space: the Great Wall of China on land, and the Great Wastes of China at sea.

Ships are prohibited by domestic and international laws from dumping its refuse and trash into our oceans. Under Philippine laws, such are environmental crimes that carry a jail term and a hefty fine.

But even without these laws, decent human behavior commands civilized men not to turn rich fishing grounds into a cesspool of feces.

DENR should investigate this, and if there is basis, file charges in court. Government cannot fine sidewalk litterers while turning a blind eye to this.

DFA should also study filing a diplomatic protest.

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