Press Release
August 9, 2021


It is with deep consternation that I interpose my objection to House Resolution No. 2071 which urges the Committee Good Government and Public Accountability to conduct an inquiry "in aid of legislation to ascertain the credentials and background" of OCTA Research Group.

Using the power of congressional oversight to question the motives of a private non-profit group whose members are academics with published credentials is a waste of resources and constitutes a veiled attempt to assign the blame to the bearer of bad news. Accusing the same group of "gaming the system" by brazenly trying to manipulate the health emergency in order to promote its professional reputation at the expense of public welfare is a preposterous idea which cannot be allowed to fester by allowing idle minds to sensationalize it "in aid of legislation."

The dubious motives ascribed to this exercise becomes more questionable in light of the high level of accuracy shown by the OCTA Research Group's forecasts especially during past and most recent surges in the NCR and adjacent provinces. Which brings us to question: Is OCTA being punished for being right?

Legislative efforts should instead be directed to address more urgent concerns such as the non-payment of claims by PhilHealth to health service providers, the lack of testing and contact tracing in most LGUs, and the ramping up of vaccination nationwide - issues that will profoundly impact the way we deal with the current pandemic.

These times require the best from all of us. Nowadays, solidarity is self-interest. If we fail to understand this, everyone loses.

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