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August 23, 2021

Dispatch from Crame No. 1130:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima on Duterte "advising" COA to 'reconfigure' audit reports


Instead of ordering his Cabinet secretaries to shape up their agencies to assure COA that the people's money is not being misspent, wasted or stolen, Duterte would rather corrupt the COA itself.

Duterte wants COA to "reconfigure" its report. Whatever dictionary he is using, that word definitely does not bode well for COA. In the first place, never in the history of the post-EDSA Republic did a President even dare to tell COA what to do. But that is only because past Presidents, even Gloria Arroyo, knew their limits and had shame.

Duterte does not. He has no qualms destroying institutions and taking the country down with him.

Kung hindi ka ba naman mapapamura, sila na nga ang magnanakaw, sila pa ang makapal na magsasabi sa COA na hayaan lang silang magnakaw.

Napaka-walanghiya naman talaga. Hindi ko lubos na maisip kung ano ba talaga ang kasalanan ng bansang ito para dapuan ng ganitong klaseng malas na magkaroon ng isang napakawalanghiya at napakamakasariling pangulo.

It looks like the Filipino people really have to pray hard for all this shameful, self-centered and messy governance to end soon. I know Duterte only has 10 months left in office. But the Filipino people might not have that much time to survive him.

Let us pray. Let us pray for this curse that has befallen our country to be lifted while we still have the chance to save our land.###

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