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December 11, 2021

Gordon condemns 'riding-in-tandem' killing of CDO-based surgeon

Senator Richard J. Gordon slammed the murder of a prominent Cagayan de Oro-based surgeon who was assassinated by motorcycle-bound suspects, colloquially referred to as a "riding in tandem" early this month.

Gordon, who chairs the Senate Justice and Human Rights Committee, rued the death of Dr. Raul Winston Andutan, the medical director of Maria Reyna-Xavier University Hospital (MRXUH) and former president of the Philippine Urological Association (PUA), last Dec. 2.

"Senseless killings remain unabated in this country. This country lost one of its finest physicians to another case of assassination carried out by the 'riding in tandem.' We seek justice for the death of Dr. Andutan, This killing must stop!" he said.

"Kaya natin ipinanukala ang Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act ay upang masawata ang mga mamamatay-tao at mga kriminal na ganito. Ayaw na natin makakita ng mga pamilyang nagdurusa dahil sa mga pagpatay na tulad nito," he added.

Based on news reports, Andutan was driving his SUV when he was shot thrice in Bgy. Nazareth at around 10 am last Dec. 2. Fighting for his life, he was able to flee his attackers, but eventually slammed his vehicle into a laundry shop, injuring a bystander. He was rushed to the very hospital he heads, where he eventually succumbed to his gunshot wounds. Andutan was 62 years old.

A day after the doctor's killing, elements of the Philippine National Police were able to arrest three suspects, while one evaded capture. One admitted on a live radio interview that he shot the doctor while on board a motorcycle in exchange for a quarter of the PhP150,000 promised to them.

Gordon, a lawyer by profession, was appalled to learn that the apparent motive the mastermind had was revenge against Andutan, who was accused of causing the death of a patient.

"I condemn to the highest the commission of this dastardly crime. His mistakes, whether truth or fiction, will never be an adequate reason to take another one's life. As we often say that 'two wrongs don't make a right!" said Gordon.

"I feel for the family of Dr. Andutan as my own family was also a victim of the untimely death of my father, who was also cut down by an assassin's bullet over 50 years ago," said Gordon.

Andutan's death adds to the growing number of people killed perpetrated by motorcycle assailants. Riding-in-tandem killings were reported almost every day.

In his resolve to stop these killings, Gordon has authored Republic Act (RA) 11235, also known as the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act, which was signed into law by President Duterte in 2019. The law seeks to impose a bigger, readable, and color-coded number plates and identifying marks issued by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to secure and safeguard the public from crimes committed by motorcycle-bound suspects.

Under the law's Implementing Rules and Regulations, motorcycles are issued one metal plate at the back of the vehicle complemented by a decal or sticker number plate in its front, which should be readable up to 15 meters away.

Gordon had also mandated the LTO to maintain a registry of motorcycles to facilitate easily information retrieval to aid the Philippine National Police's official investigations and proper law enforcement.

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