Press Release
August 10, 2022

Opening Statement of Sen. Raffy Tulfo
Organizational Meeting & Public Hearing
August 10, 2022, Wednesday, 10:30AM
Senator Laurel Room

I. Opening Statement/Speech

"Good morning to all the members and guests present in the committee on energy. "Energy" is a technical field but it must always be remembered that in this committee that our first and foremost priority is always the productivity, welfare, and betterment of the people.

I was given the opportunity to head the committee on energy at a most important time when prices of electricity and fuel are soaring to never before seen heights. I whole heartedly accept this challenge because this is precisely the reason why i chose to ran for senator. To make changes, through legislation, that would make it easier for the everyday Filipino to warm his home, cook his meals, go to work, and receive a better quality of life. I expect all the members of this committee to join me in achieving these principal goals.

We must find ways to lessen the price of energy by finding solutions equitable to both the consumer and producer. We must make sure to ease the investment into the energy industry in order to avoid an impending energy crisis upon the depletion of our current largest natural gas source. We must see to it that our government regulatory framework is streamlined and responsive to the needs of the people and put an end to abusive and self-centered practices. And finally, with the guidance of our current administration, we must create a framework for our country to utilize novel means of energy such as nuclear energy and tidal power.

In pursuing these goals, among others, we will be looking into how the system currently works in order to find out where our laws are lacking. Once identified we will properly amend what is needed and ensure that our energy sector is one of the most sustainable, competitive, and well respected in the world.

All perspectives are welcome in this Committee. I ensure everyone that this committee shall stand without bias to the producers and consumers alike, as I recognize that both are pivotal in the pursuit of our nation's progress.

If we continue with these principles in mind, we have the opportunity to make history. Together, standing as a committee, and under my watchful leadership, we ensure that we move towards the betterment of the Filipino People.

Thank you."

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