Press Release
January 31, 2023


Good morning again, everyone! During our last hearing, we have found out the following, among others:

Some of the gruesome videos that proliferated through social media last year did not happen within the Philippine territory;

As reported by the PNP, there was no surge in cases of kidnapping and disappearances in the country for the period covered January to September 2022;

Some of the kidnapping incidents allegedly happened in the country were not officially reported to the proper authorities; There was no close coordination between the government agencies involved in POGO operations such as the Bureau of Immigration... May Immigration ba dito? ComSec? Walang pinadala? Paki-follow up. PAGCOR, PNP, NBI, DOLE and DOLE;

For today's hearing, we would like to focus our discussion on the investigation conducted by the PNP involving the incidents as reported by Senator Poe in the Senate plenary last year. Additionally, we would also like to request the PNP to give us an update on the recent data involving kidnapping and disappearances in the country as well as their actions against 12 individuals identified and were seen to be holding high-powered firearms in one of the videos we presented at the previous hearings. In the same light, we would like to know what happened to those involved in a traditional kidnapping incident happened in Skyway as shown also in one of the videos we presented during the first hearing.

And also, we would like to hear from PAGCOR regarding their actions on the companies involved in the recent kidnapping incident.

Lastly, since the enactment of PAGCOR Rules on POGO Operations and RA 11590 or "An Act Taxing the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operations", the existing policy of the government is to regulate and allow its operations, we would like to know the plans of PAGCOR and our law enforcement agencies especially the PNP to ensure that POGO firms will not be involved in the commission of any crimes within our territorial jurisdiction.

We are looking forward to a fruitful discussion in order to guarantee and maintain the peace and order in the country.

Thank you.

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