Press Release
June 1, 2023


First of all, I am happy that the public has been heard and pension and social welfare funds are protected from the reach of the Maharlika fund.

Ako din po ay nagmungkahi ng mga amyenda na nilalagyan ng parusang kulong para sa mga may masamang balak sa pondo, kasama ang mga auditor na mag-falsify ng mga audit report.

However, I maintain that the fund is not what we need now, and I will certainly support any action to raise this to the Supreme Court. According to Section 16, Article XII of the 1987 Constitution, GOCCs must pass the test of economic viability and our economic experts have raised plenty of arguments that cast doubt on whether the MWF has passed or even be subjected to this test.

Panghuli, I will be waiting for the IRR and will be watching intently to ensure that the prohibitions we put in place and the wins we were able to secure during the plenary deliberations are not lost. Pension funds are absolutely prohibited from investing in Maharlika, whether mandatorily or voluntarily, whether seed fund or subsequent investment. Malinaw sa batas.

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