Senator Rodolfo G. Biazon

Senate Office:
Rm. 527 5th Flr., GSIS Bldg., Financial Center, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City
Trunk Lines: (632) 552-6601 to 70 loc. 5528 / 5529
Direct Line: (632) 552-6772 / (632) 551-7344 / (632) 551-7353
Telefax No.: (632) 552-6772
Email: [email protected]

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  • Senate Committee on National Defense and Security; and Senate
  • Committee on Urban Planning, Housing and Resettlement


  • Legislative Oversight Committee on Visiting Forces Agreement (LOCVFA)



  • Committee on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations (Blue Ribbon);
  • Committee on Accounts;
  • Committee on Agrarian Reform;
  • Committee on Agriculture and Food; Committee on Climate Change;
  • Committee on Constitutional Amendments, Revision of Laws & Codes;
  • Committee on Economic Affairs;
  • Committee on Education, Arts and Culture;
  • Committee on Energy;
  • Committee on Environment and Natural Resources;
  • Committee on Finance;
  • Committee on Foreign Relations;
  • Committee on Health and Demography;
  • Committee on Justice;
  • Committee on Labor, Employment and Human Resources Development;
  • Committee on Local Government;
  • Committee on Peace, Unification and Reconciliation;
  • Committee on Public Order and Illegal Drugs;
  • Committee on Trade & Commerce;
  • Committee on Ways and Means; and Commission on Appointments.


President, Asian Regional Council - Global Parliamentarians on Habitat

Vice President for Asia - Global Parliamentarians on Habitat

Co-Chairperson - Philippine Legislators' Committee on Population & Development Foundation, Inc. (PLCPD)


Senator of the Republic of the Philippines  

14th Congress 2007 - Present
13th Congress 2004 - 2007
12th Congress 2001 - 2004
11th Congress 1998 - 2001
9th Congress 1992 - 1995

Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines 1991
Vice Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines 1990-1991
Commanding General, NCR Defense Command 1988-1990
Commandant, Philippine Marines 1987-1989
Superintendent, Philippine Military Academy 1986-1987


Authored / Sponsored Bills Enacted Into Law:

  • “Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction, Management & Recovery Act of 2010”
  • “The Philippine Coast Guard Act of 2009”
  • Republic Act No. 9904, “Magna Carta for Homeowner’s Association”
  • Republic Act No. 9828, “Military Service Board”
  • Republic Act No. 9653, “Rent Control Act of 2009”
  • Republic Act No. 9507, “Socialized & Low-Cost Housing Loan Restructuring Act of 2008”
  • Republic Act No. 9499, “Filipino World War II Veterans Pensions & Benefits Act”
  • Republic Act No. 9493, “Creation of Southville International School”
  • Republic Act No. 9397, "Amendment to UDHA of 1992"
  • Republic Act No. 9396, "Redefining the Term Veteran, Amendment of RA No. 6948"
  • Republic Act No. 9365, "Creation of the Rank of First Chief Master Sergeant/First Master Chief Petty Officer in the Enlisted Ranks of the AFP"
  • Republic Act No. 9341, "Rent Control Act of 2005"
  • Republic Act No. 9208, "Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003"
  • Republic Act No. 9191, "Amendments to the Muntinlupa City Charter Day"
  • Republic Act No. 9188, "Increasing the Percentage Distribution of Generals / Flag Officers in the AFP Table of Organization"
  • Republic Act No. 9166, "Increase of Base Pay in AFP"
  • Republic Act No. 9165, "Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002"
  • Republic Act No. 9049, "Medal of Valor Law"
  • Republic Act No. 9040, "AFP Tax Exemption For Pay & Allowances Of 2001"
  • Republic Act No. 8763, "Home Guaranty Corporation Act of 2000"
  • Republic Act No. 7899, "Amendment to the Condominium Act"
  • Republic Act No. 7898, "AFP Modernization Act"
  • Republic Act No. 7835, "Comprehensive & Integrated Shelter and Financing Act of 1994"
  • Republic Act No. 7742, "Mandatory PAG-IBIG Membership"
  • Republic Act No. 7691, "Judiciary Reorganization Act of 1980"
  • Republic Act No. 7644, "Extending The Rent Control Period"

Co-Authored Bills Enacted Into Law:

  • Republic Act No. 9851, “International Humanitarian Law”
  • Republic Act No. 9745, “Anti-Torture Act of 2007”
  • Republic Act No. 9700, “Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program”
  • Republic Act No. 9679, “Home Development Mutual Fund Law of 2009”
  • Republic Act No. 9646, “Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines”
  • Republic Act No. 9522, “Archipelagic Baselines Law of the Philippines”
  • Republic Act No. 9520, “Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008”
  • Republic Act No. 9496, “Extending the Utilization Period of ACEF”
  • Republic Act No. 9194, "Amendments to the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001"
  • Republic Act No. 9189, "Absentee Voting by Qualified Filipinos Abroad"
  • Republic Act No. 9177, "EIDUL FITR"
  • Republic Act No. 9163, "National Service Training Program Act of 2001"
  • Republic Act No. 9161, "Rental Reform Act of 2002"
  • Republic Act No. 9118, "Muntinlupa City Charter Day"
  • Republic Act No. 9164, "An Act Providing Synchronized SK Elections"
  • Republic Act No. 9162, "Budget Appropriations Act of 2002"
  • Republic Act No. 9160, "Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001"
  • Republic Act No. 7920, "New Electrical Engineering Law"
  • Republic Act No. 7904, "Amending the Omnibus Election Code"
  • Republic Act No. 7901, "Creating the CARAGA Administrative Region"
  • Republic Act No. 7889, "University of The Philippines In Mindanao Act"
  • Republic Act No. 7880, "Fair & Equitable Access to Education Act"
  • Republic Act No. 7876, "Senior Citizens Center Act of The Philippines"
  • Republic Act No. 7796, "TESDA of 1994"
  • Republic Act No. 7721, "Liberalizing The Entry & Scope of Operations of Foreign Banks In The Philippines"
  • Republic Act No. 7688, "Giving Representation To Women In The Social Security Commission"
  • Republic Act No. 7655, "Labor Code of The Philippines"
  • Republic Act No. 7648, "Electric Power Crisis Act of 1993"
  • Republic Act No. 7646, "Amending to the National Internal Revenue Code"
  • Republic Act No. 7638, "Department of Energy Act Of 1992"


Received 26 personal and campaign medals, one of them is the Distinguished Conduct Star - the 2nd highest award next to the Medal of Valor during the defense of the Republic in Camp Aguinaldo in December 1989.


Elementary Jose Rizal Elementary School, Pasay City, Salutatorian
Secondary Jose Abad Santos High School Arellano University,
Pasay City, 1955, With Honors
Tertiary Philippine Military Academy, Baguio City, 1961


  • TOP Management Program, Asian Institute of Management
  • Command and General Staff Course, Quantico, Virginia, USA
  • Crisis Management Program, California, USA
  • Allied Combat Intelligence Course, Okinawa, Japan
  • Senior Officer Maintenance Course, Kentucky, USA
  • Amphibious Warfare Course, Quantico, Virginia, USA
  • Military Instructors Course, Norfolk, Virginia, USA


Birthdate April 14, 1935
Birthplace Batac, Ilocos Norte
Father Rufino Biazon
Mother Juliana Gaspar
Spouse Monserrat Narag Bunoan - Biazon
Birthplace Gamu, Isabela
Children Rita Rosanna,
Rino Rudiyardo and
Rozzano Rufino

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