Senate Public Assistance Office (SPAO)

Social Assistance


Kindly fill out the form (download SPAO form here) and send it together with the complete requirements to a designated email address for each type of assistance.

• Legal Assistance

Email: [email protected]

o Personal Letter
o Supporting documents (optional)
o 1 valid government ID

• Transportation Assistance

Email: [email protected]

o Personal Letter
o 1 valid government ID

Any one of the following, as may be applicable:
o Police Blotter/Certification (for victims of pickpockets, illegal recruitment, etc.); or
o Death Certificate/Certification from the Hospital/Doctor/authorized medical practitioner/Tribal Chieftain (for IPs)/Imam (for Moro)/Transfer Permit (except for Moro and Indigenous Peoples performing customary practices), if applicable; or
o Depending on the applicable circumstances, other supporting document/s such as, but not limited to, medical certificate, and/or court order/subpoena/referral from other agencies, barangay or local social welfare development office.

• Burial Assistance

Email: [email protected]

o Death Certificate
o Funeral Contract
o Social Case Study
o Promissory Note (Optional)
o 1 valid government ID

Educational Assistance

Email: [email protected]

Any identification document of the parent/guardian accompanying/assisting/representing the minor student, or of the student him/herself if of legal age; and

o Any one of the following, as may be applicable:
o Certificate of Enrolment or Registration; or
o School ID of the student; or
o Statement of Account; or
o Any document issued by the school that can establish that the student is enrolled.

SUBMISSION THROUGH DROP BOX. All requests for social assistance can also be submitted through a drop box located at the Senate entrance gate. For further information or assistance, you may reach us through our email [email protected], telephone number (02) 8552-6706, or cellphone number 09602685285.