The Senate Secretariat is an organization of highly competent, honest and dedicated civil servants who are committed to provide excellent service to the members of the Senate, the institution and the nation.


We shall provide optimum support service to the Senate in the realization of its constitutional mandate.



Professionalism and Competence

When in anything we do, we do it, thoroughly, morally, perfectly and successfully, bearing in mind that we should strive hard to be always competent.

Discipline and Hardwork

We shall impose upon ourselves obedience to rules and purposeful attention in the performance of assigned tasks, mindful of the importance of being always on time and reporting to work regularly.


We shall discharge our duties and responsibilities with uncompromising sincerity and honesty.


We shall perform our duties and responsibilities as a team cognizant that each part of the Senate Secretariat has a vital function in the growth and development of this institution.

Public Accountability

We shall faithfully discharge our duties in the interest of the Filipino people to whom we are accountable.

Love of Country

We shall abide by the rules and laws of the land and dedicate ourselves to the ideals of a true Filipino.


Above all, we shall invoke the intercession of Almighty God as we strive toward the attainment of our mission and vision.