Press Release
March 25, 2009

Cha-cha moves doomed - Chiz
People will checkmate "Queen's gambit"

Senator Chiz Escudero on Wednesday said the administration's moves to change the constitution will fail because the Senate and the people will oppose and reject it.

"If the plan is to bypass the Senate, then I will be the first to challenge it before the Supreme Court," said Escudero, who is the chair of the Senate committee on constitutional amendments and revision of laws.

"If by any chance it passes the Supreme Court, then I am sure that the people will reject it," he added. "Kung sa chess ito, siguradong mate ang kalalabasan nitong desperate Queen's gambit."

Escudero said he will not act on any motion to change the charter before 2010 while he is head of the Senate committee.

The opposition senator also pointed out the cha-cha proponents in the Lower House continue to be deliberately vague about what they want to change in the 1987 charter.

"Let the people know what you want revised, inserted, or added. Is this too much to ask of the representatives of the people?" Escudero asked.

He said, however, that charter change should be in the list of priorities of the new president, whoever he may be.

"There have been studies made clearly showing the need for changes in our present constitution. It has been more than 20 years after it was adopted at the height of people power," Escudero pointed out.

"We should do it at the start of a new administration to dispel any doubts about personal motives and agendas," he stressed.

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