Press Release
March 30, 2009

Zubiri's statement on Chip Tsao's racial slur against Filipinos

Look who's talking? For the record China has once the largest producer of overseas contract workers who built the train stations in the United States, who worked in the mines of central Asia and the country that established the most number of so-called China Town in the World.

They should be proud, so instead of insulting Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW's) they should look into their past and see there is no shame being OFWs. They should not be giving derogatory remark (because) China's economy was built on the remittances of their OCW's from China Towns all over the world. So they should not shame Filipinos for their hard work and diligence in contributing to our economy.

In all my talks with OFW's I always use China as an example on how this mighty country once the largest producer of OCW's. So, how ironic that this writer from Hong Kong would ridicule the OFW working for him and all the other OFWs working for China in the Philippines. He should do his research and he might find that his ancestors were OCWs as well.

I am filing a resolution to ask the DFA to immediately send a formal diplomatic protest to that publication strongly urging them to apologize to the Filipino people for the derogatory remark.

The 21st century should be an era of tolerance and diplomacy and gone are the days that we threaten each other by military might. Globalization is the by-word so if this writer feels that the OFWs of Hong Kong should all be kicked out then there should be reciprocity by banning all Chinese made products into the Philippines.

The DFA should swiftly on this matter and should invite the Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines to immediately discuss this issue.

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