Press Release
May 13, 2014


Anyone can make lists. I was told that there is a list entitled "Closeted gays or bisexuals in public service." I was given names, and I was requested to say "Yes" or "No" on whether the person was truly in the list. When the name Pinky Lacson was called, I said "Yes."

Anyway, there is an affidavit, although unsigned, circulating in Metro Manila that Pinky Lacson has asked for leave of absence from Malacañang. The highly confidential reason is that he is scheduled for a gender change operation in a remote clinic in the United States.

For the record, I never had dealings with Napoles. The Napoles list, if unsigned, has no evidentiary value at all. I repeat, Lacson is an attack dog of Enrile. The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that to allege is not proof. Where is the evidence, as defined in the Rules of Court?

I am pushing to get the list of Benhur Luy. I understand that the Luy list is substantiated by documents and details.

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