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September 16, 2014

In recognition of a genuine dedication to serve
Cayetano calls for increase in wages for Filipino nurses

Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter "Companero" Cayetano pressed the government to allow the benefits of a growing economy to trickle down to every Filipino family, starting with the inclusion of the well-deserved but much-delayed increase in wages for government nurses in the 2015 national budget.

"Filipino nurses are heralded all over the world not only because of their talent and professionalism, but because of a sincere desire to help patients. It is only fair that we give them the proper compensation fit for the services they render," he said.

The senator stressed that he is fully supportive of the implementation of Section 32 of Republic Act No. 9173, otherwise known as "The Philippine Nursing Act of 2002," which mandates that the minimum base pay of nurses shall be at least Salary Grade 15.

"I would like to emphasize the need for a more efficient allocation of our country's resources to provide decent wages for our civil servants, including our nurses," he said.

Cayetano further noted that upgrading the base pay of Filipino nurses would prove that the Aquino administration remains true to its commitment of achieving inclusive growth throughout the country and making sure that the public's money is not wasted on corruption.

"Now that the Philippines is experiencing vast economic development, the government should work even harder to ensure that inclusive growth is felt all over our nation," he said.

"Ensuring the effective management of the country's budget in such a way that would provide more Filipinos the services and wages they deserve is one way to prove to the people that we are not tolerating corruption," he said.

As early as the deliberations on the Salary Standardization Law III, Cayetano and his sister Senator Pia argued and fought for the full implementation of R.A. No. 9173 for nurses as well as the Magna Carta for teachers to increase their respective salaries and benefits.

Cayetano noted that at the time the said law was being discussed, there was a shortage of funds and the country faced economic challenges. But now that the country's economy is finally doing well and the government has enough revenues to spend, he said it is about time for the administration to give back to the Filipino people.

Data from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) showed that the proposed upgrading of some 4,787 entry level Nurse I positions under the 2002 Nursing Law would pose an additional P438,109,687 worth of outflow for the government per annum.

On this note, Cayetano suggested that the executive department consider including these additional funds in the national budget next year.

"Let us implement the provision of the law that requires the upgrading of the minimum pay for nurses to Salary Grade 15. This will only require a little over 400 million pesos from the government, and during this time of economic prosperity, we are obliged to give our nurses - who continue to be in demand worldwide - what is due them and what they have long deserved," he said.

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