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November 4, 2014

Transcript of Interview with Senator TG Guingona

Question: Sir yung preparation po for ICC Hearing?

Sen TG: Ang preparation naming for ICC Hearing, is that we wrote the parties involved: Secretary Singson, Secretary Jimenez and also the person who filed the case Mr. Mejorada. We're asking them to submit the documents that they have which we will read and evaluate so we can form the proper questions. Once we have the proper questions, then we could start the hearings.

Q: Within November kaya Sir?

Sen TG: Gusto ko sana by next week na. We gave them until this week to submit the documents.

Q: Hanggang kalian lang sir, this week lang?

STG: Yes, this week.

Q: Sir your decision to push through with the investigation, is it done in consultation with the Senate President Drilon?


Q: Will you invite Senator Drilon to participate?

STG: He is a member of the committee he doesn't have to be invited. Just like in the PDAF Cases, the three senators were members of the committee and they could've participated anytime. But they chose to inhibit. Senator Drilon being a member of the Blue Ribbon Committee and being the Senate President can participate anytime.

Q: Sir has he given his word that he will participate or inhibit? May sinabi po ba siya?

STG: Wala naman siyang sinabi. And I understand that he is abroad right now.

Q: Sir how does it make you feel that he's the head of the chamber?

STG: Like I said before, I have to do my job. Trabaho lang ito.

Q: What made you decide na magkaroon ng hearing on this?

STG: Well of course, public interest. And there's also the resolution of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago on the matter.

Q: Sir, uunahin ninyo ito before the Malampaya hearings?

STG: Yes, yung Malampaya later part of November more or less libre na si Susan Garcia. So we can start (the hearings at) that part of November.

Q: But ICC will come first?

STG: There are less parties involved and the parties are going to submit already so I think by this weekend we can already evaluate and proceed next week sana.

Q: Sir naglabas ng statement yung mga taga-Liberal Party sinasabi na this is a diversionary tactic by UNA. Don't you think that way sir?

STG: I have to do my job so I will do my job regardless of political statements on either side.

Q: Sir can you give your assurance that this will be a fair investigation considering partymate ninyo po si Senate President?

STG: Yes I can give my assurance but the best assurance will be the performance during the hearings. You would see it for yourselves and the people can see it for themselves, whether it has been conducted in a fair and impartial manner.

Q: Sir won't the participation by the Senate President post problems? Won't that discourage resource persons during the hearing?

STG: I don't see any problems.

Q: In what way can he participate? Can he ask questions?

STG: Just like any member (of the Blue Ribbon).

Q: Baka naman matakot si Mejorada to appear because he's (Drilon) a member of the committee.

STG: I don't think so.

Q: Diba wisest na wag pumunta si Senate President Drilon?

STG: That's up to him. Maybe you can ask him that.

Q: Pero kung kayo Sir hindi ba ninyo nakikita yung posibleng conflict na maghaharap sila nung nag-aaccuse sa kanya tapos siya bilang Senate President?

STG: Hindi naman because he's not in control of the proceedings. The chairman is the one in control.

Q: Sir, what about your preparation for November 6. May sinabi na po ba?

STG: Still waiting for official word. Unless I get official word, I don't want to say anything

Q: May fillers na from the camp?

STG: Wala pa.

Q: Sir pano yung procedure nun, in case he appears he has to take questions, hindi pwedeng magbabasa lang siya ng questions and then leave?

STG: Yes he'll have to take questions.

Q: Sir, pwede ba yung makiusap siya bilang Vice President na bigya lang siya ng time magsalita tapos yun na. Pwede ba yun sir?

STG: If he can ask it, he can ask it. Whether we will grant it, then that's another story. But really I think in the spirit of fairness, he can be asked questions also.

Q: This is his chance to air his side.

STG: Yes, yun nga eh. Ang sinisigurado natin yung patas na trato, kaukulang respeto, at sapat na oras para magpaliwag ng kanyang panig.

Q: Since last week, his spokespersons were saying na he won't appear.

STG: Yun nga eh, I won't address speculations or statements by his spokespersons. Don't you think it's proper that I base my statements on official statements that my office officially receives from his office? I think that's the right way to do it.

Q: Will that offend your office sir sakaling hindi siya dumating? Knowing na siya yung nagsabi na dapat kayo yung mag-imbita tapos bigla hindi siya darating.

STG: I don't think so. If he makes that response that he will not come, I'm sure he will lay down some reasons why and so we will take a look at the reasons.

Q: Pwede pa rin magparticipate sila Senator Trillanes at yung mga nasa sub-committee?

STG: Yes all the members of the committee can participate, that's their right being a member of the committee.

Q: Sir, linawin lang, hindi kayo papayag na statement lang siya, dapat may question portion din.

STG: Dapat may questions din.

Q: Pero Sir pwede siyang maginvoke ng kanyang constitutional right to remain silent?

STG: Anybody can invoke their constitutional right, even a private citizen.

Q: So pwede niyang gawin na magbasa siya ng statement niya then after that mag-invoke siya ng right niya.

STG: Let's wait for it. That's speculative already but let's wait for it. But yes, anybody can invoke their constitutional right.

Q: If he fails to appear Sir that's the end of it, no questions asked since were just issuing an invitation.

STG: As far as the mother committee but he sub-committee, I understand, tuloy pa rin.

Q: Sir ano yung magiging difference, of course kayo yung magle-lead kapag mother committee, pero diba iniiwasan ni VP Binay yung makaharap sila Senator Allan, eh magpaparticipate din sila sa mother committee edi magtatanong pa rin sila?

STG: Magtatanong pa rin sila, pero I control the proceedings. And I will make sure that it will be done with the proper decorum. Basta we will make sure na yung pinangangamba ni VP Binay if it's in the subcommittee, we'll make sure that he will have, again, patas na trato, sapat na pagkakataon na magsalita at kaukulang respeto.

Q: But yung concern na you belong to LP, hindi naman magiging consideration bilang nakikita siya na kalaban sa 2016.

STG: Hindi magiging consideration yan, makikita ninyo naman pagdating sa hearing. Let's clarify something, my role in the investigation of the Makati parking building is just so that the VP can attend; after his attendance when his presence is no longer needed, the subcommittee will take over again.

Q: Yung pagiging kabahagi ninyo ng LP baka maging reason bakit hindi pupunta si Binay?

STG: Di pa naman natin alam kung puputna siya o hindi. Kaya hintayin na lang natin.

Q: Wala bang informal fillers about to arrange yung possible appearance ni VP?

STG: Wala pa naman, panay yung mga spokesman pa lang yung nagsasalita pero I have to wait for the official word.

Q: Sir kung spokesperson or representative lang yung ipapadala ni VP, tatanggapin?

STG: Ah hindi, the invitation is personal to the VP. It's for the VP to attend, no one else. This session is an invitation to the vice president, no one else.

Q: What if the two (Tiangco & Bautista) asks to be recognized?

Q: He will be treated gently by the mad dogs daw sir.

Q: Sabi ni Senator Trillanes, mahina daw yung anim na hours kapag nagtanong siya kay VP Binay. Ganoon karami yung tanong. Pababalikin na lang ninyo si VP?

STG: Right now, all I want to know is whether he will come or not.

Q: Sir ano yung magiging kaibahan yung pagdalo ni VP sa imbitation ng CBCP compared to the Blue Ribbon?

STG: Well yung Senate Blue Ribbon invitation is an investigation. I don't know what you call the invitation of the CBCP but ours is an investigation. And hopefully we can come out with laws that we can make the system better.

Q: So, we'll wait for his confirmation until 8:59 am on Thursday, Sir?

STG: I hope tomorrow naman we know already. Kung wala siya, wala nang hearing yung mother committee. I can't speak for the subcommittee.

Q: Sir diba ba short notice yung confirmation tomorrow from the office of the Vice President if he will come or not?

STG: Sana I was hoping that the confirmation will come today. But there's still time. I still think its sufficient time.

Q: Sir pwede ba niya hilingin na aattend ako pero stop na ninyo yung hearing ng subcommittee?

STG: I cannot speak for the subcommittee. The powers of the subcommittee are equAl to the powers of the mother committee except in 2 instances: (1) yung pag-issue ng contempt and (2) sa pag-approve ng final report sapagkat yung report ng subcommittee has to be submitted to the mother committee.

Q: Back to the Iloilo hearing.

STG: Most likely we can start with Secretary Singson since it's a DPWH project.

Q: How about the Senate president?

STG: Well if he (Senate President) attends then yes he can be asked.

STG: Thank you!

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