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March 19, 2016


Some two thousand Ilocanos based in Cebu have joined together to campaign for the vice presidential bid of fellow Ilocano Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" R. Marcos Jr. in the province.

In a dinner hosted for Marcos by Timpuyog Ken Saranay Ilocano Association of Cebu, the group's president, Manuel Arellano said they are actively campaigning for Marcos' candidacy in the whole of the vote-rich province.

Arellano, an Ilocano from Mangatarem, Pangasinan based in Cebu for many years, said Ilocanos in the vote-rich province have all volunteered to help the senator from Ilocos Norte because of their personal affiliation and their belief in his competency and integrity.

"We have long been excited for Bongbong Marcos' candidacy for vice president because we believe that he is the most qualified and all of us have volunteered to help him win in Cebu," Arellano said.

Vic Vargas, a member of the group who hails from Tuguegarao, Cagayan said the reception to their campaign has been very encouraging. "A lot of people warmly receive us and they are also supportive of the candidacy of Senator Marcos," Vargas pointed out.

On the second day of Marcos' Unity Caravan in Cebu City, Marcos went around different barangays visiting public halls and public markets.

Maria Mison, a native of Mandaue City and a notary public office staff said Marcos has always been her "idol" because she believes that he can solve some of the problems of the country especially poverty. "Naabutan ko kasi ang papa nya tapos hindi naman kami nakatikim ng sobrang hirap noon pero ngayon sobrang hirap na talaga ang buhay ngayon," Mison said.

She said many of her fellow Cebuanos share the same sentiment because of lack of jobs and high prices of goods. "Madami kami dito kasi mahirap talaga ang buhay. Walang trabaho. Ang sahod konti, mahal ang bilihin," she stressed.

Marcos is campaigning on the message of unity saying that years of divisiveness have been one of the main reasons why the country has not moved forward. He said if people unite and set aside political differences, the country can begin real change to have a progressive future.

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