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January 26, 2017

Cayetano: Independent probe on Mamasapano essential
The truth will prevent a repeat of another Mamasapano

"Let the independent commission get to the truth quietly and without politics."

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano stressed this as he welcomed the order of President Rodrigo's Duterte creating an independent commission that will investigate the gruesome Mamasapano massacre that led to the deaths of 44 Special Action Force commandos.

"Together with President Duterte, I have witnessed how the families of SAF's Gallant 44 have suffered," said Cayetano. "For the past two years, justice continues to elude them and they have yet to receive the full assistance that was promised to them," he added.

"Many have pledged not to forget and vowed to do everything for justice to be served. I am one of them," the senator said.

The senator further said he is saddened by the disappointing reaction of some of his colleagues, belittling the presidential initiative, labeling it merely as a political diversionary tactic.

Senators Antonio Trillanes and Leila De Lima accused the administration of using the reopening of the investigation of the Mamasapano massacre as a way to divert attention from allegations of abuses.

"It is hypocritical on the part of Senators Trillanes and De Lima to oppose the reopening of the investigation, when they pretend to be the staunchest advocates of human rights and justice," the senator lamented.

Cayetano noted how the two senators repeatedly accuse the administration of condoning human rights violations, but are now the first to turn a blind eye to the SAF families' call for justice.

In his speech before the SAF families and the President in Malacañang, Cayetano said he believes President Duterte is the right person to get justice for SAF 44 but at the same time finding the right balance in pursuit of true and lasting peace.

He called on the public to continue supporting the administration's efforts to resolve the case.

"While I remain confident in President Duterte's commitment to deliver on this promise, I also urge the Filipino people to support the administration's fight for justice," said Cayetano.

"I continue to pray for the families of the gallant SAF44. Rest assured that change, justice, and compassion are real and within reach under the Duterte leadership," he intoned.

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