Press Release
February 2, 2017


Sen. JV Ejercito has refiled the Anti-Political Dynasty Bill (Senate Bill No. 897) this 17th Congress.

Ejercito said that his agenda for this measure is to enable qualified people not part of political families to run for elective positions.

"With over 100 million citizens, power should not only be held by just a few families. We need to give opportunities for potential leaders who are equally capable to do the job," he said.

Ejercito said the Anti-Political Dynasty Act also intends to improve the quality of political parties. "This is to level the playing field and make elective positions more accessible for everyone to participate in the political process, according to their ideals," the senator said.

To fully push for this measure, Ejercito said there needs to have public participation. "To enable other people to come in the political arena, we have to encourage our people to vote for candidates not only based on their family name, but more on their platform, proposed policies, and advocacies," he said.

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