Press Release
February 6, 2017

Transcript of Ambush Interview of Senate President Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III

Q: Sabi ng CBCP may reign of terror daw?

SP: You know, CBCP members being citizens of the Republic, can also comment pero let's try to keep church and state separate, but not totally airtight separate from each other. If it is running the government, let's give the government some slack or leeway to run the government.

On the suspension of peace talks

SP: Nakakalungkot but we can continue talking even if there is a resumption of military or shooting war, we can continue. Actually, sabi ko nga, may mga countries nga at war with each other and yet meron pang on-going peace talks. There is a country like Syria and on-going civil war, and yet nagpe-peace talks pa rin yung mga parties, so dito sa Pilipinas we are better situated. So, patuloy pa rin po natin sana. I hope that the suspension of the peace talks is also temporary and will be resumed in due time.

Q: Yung state na separation sa CBCP?

SP: CBCP can comment. Let's allow them to comment. They are citizens of the Republic of the Philippines. But of course, just like citizens, they will try to influence policy, through the policy makers.

Q: Do you see the statement of the CBCP as sort of stopping the government's war on drugs?

SP: it's their sentiment. Maybe they want it to stop, but that's still a sentiment of some citizens of the Republic of the Philippines, but because of the separation, policy makers should be convinced of their sentiments and should adopt their sentiments.

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