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February 7, 2017

Cayetano thanks US Secretary of State Tillerson for expressing support for Du30 gov't

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano on Monday thanked the new United States Secretary of State for his statement that the US will preserve its long-standing friendship with the Philippines, and that more facts would be needed on the ground before anyone could comment on the Philippine government's war on drugs.

During the US Senate's confirmation hearing, newly confirmed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the Philippines needs to "stay an ally," and that he needs to "act on fact" and "multiple sources" when it comes to the country's anti-drug war.

Cayetano in a Facebook post thanked Tillerson for his assurance. He meanwhile expressed his dismay that while Filipinos support the war on drugs and view it as protecting law-abiding citizens from drug-related violence, certain groups from within the country continue to spread lies and paint a picture of massive human rights violations.

"It is unfortunate that like steel that is destroyed by rust, it is groups from inside who are affected by the anti-illegal drugs, anti-crime, and anti-corruption campaign who are leading the disinformation campaign," he stressed.

"Unfortunately, some have judged, believed or condemned without understanding the real situation nor verified facts on the ground. Leading to much misunderstanding and affecting our image abroad," he added.

The senator lamented how the public had been misled by the efforts of some detractors to discredit President Rodrigo Duterte and his centerpiece platform of government. "There are many spreading lies about the situation in the Philippines, but there are many more who would see for themselves first before they judge," he said.

Finally, Cayetano reiterated his call for US congressional leaders and other international advocates and "partners" to visit the Philippines, go to the different communities, and see for themselves how the war on drugs is slowly making Filipinos feel much safer.

"We prayed with U.S Congressional leaders in the National Prayer Breakfast. Now I pray that these legislators (our brothers and sisters), as well as other international leaders, would visit the Philippines... hear from the people themselves how they are finally beginning to feel safe, that they can now rely on the law and on their government," Cayetano said.

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