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February 27, 2017

Bam on removal as committee chairman: Nasampolan kami!

Nasampolan kami!

This was how Sen. Bam Aquino described the move to replace him as chairman of the Committee on Education and strip other Liberal Party (LP) members of their respective committees.

"This is really a political move - a partisan move. Palagay ko nasampolan kami because we've been speaking out against certain policies like the death penalty. Tutol kami doon," Sen. Bam said in a radio interview.

"Iyong pagbaba ng age of criminal liability, iyong pagsuporta kay Senador De Lima at iyong pagpunta namin sa EDSA," he added.

During the session, Sen. Bam manifested that "if this is the price to pay to show up on the streets of EDSA, talking about democracy, talking about the issues of violence on our streets, I gladly pay that price".

After he was removed as committee chairman, Sen. Bam manifested that the move had nothing to do with the performance of the Committee on Education, to which no senator objected to.

"I chose the education committee because may plano kami, may reporma kaming gustong itinulak. Thankfully, Sen. Chiz Escudero seems to be intent in pushing the same reforms. But it's not a light matter because you put a lot of effort, you work on these bills," Sen. Bam said.

Before he was replaced by Sen. Chiz Escudero, Sen. Bam was spearheading the interpellation on two significant education bills - the Free Tuition Fees in SUCs Act and the Pagkaing Pinoy Para sa Batang Pinoy measure.

"We will support Senator Escudero when he finalizes these bills and hopefully gets a second and third reading. It was a pleasure being your Committee on Education chairman," Sen. Bam told colleagues.

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