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May 3, 2017

Cayetano wants lawful punishment for abusive cops involved in secret jail cell issue

"Kasuhan ang dapat kasuhan. Huwag nating sirain ang buong institusyon," this is what Senator Alan Peter Cayetano had to say in reaction to the recent discovery of a secret jail cell in the Raxabago Police precinct of the Manila Police District.

When asked for his reaction about the issue, Cayetano said police officials who are proven to commit any form of abuse should be punished under the rule of law.

"We should not tolerate any abuse... Kung ano ang batas, kung ano ang regulasyon... Kung pati ang batas, may problema, ayusin at baguhin natin," he said in an ambush interview on Tuesday (May 2).

He however clarified that the issue should be considered as an isolated case. The senator reiterated that it is not the administration's policy to tolerate human rights violations, even among alleged drug personalities.

In fact, the chief of the Tondo police station and 12 members of the station's Drug Enforcement Unit were already relieved from their posts following the discovery of the jail cell, Cayetano noted.

"One violation does not mean it is happening everywhere and that it is a government policy... Hindi ito-tolerate, iniimbestigahan ito, and they will be compliant with the world standards of human rights," he said.

The senator further asked the public and administration critics to adopt a more holistic approach when it comes to defending human rights. He called on the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to work with the government in ensuring that the human security of all Filipinos, not just that of alleged drug suspects, is properly protected.

"Hindi natin sinasabi na walang human rights violations. Ang sinasabi natin, hindi ito State-sponsored, hindi ito systemic, at hindi ito widespread. Ina-address ito," he said.

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