Press Release
May 3, 2017

Transcript of Interview with Senate Minority Leady Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On the rejection of the appointment of Secretary Gina Lopez

Drilon: The Liberal Party as a bloc voted to confirm the appointment of Secretary Lopez. Unfortunately, we lost in the vote.

Q: On whether Sec. Lopez can be reappointed?

Drilon: She cannot be reappointed because the CA rejected the appointment.

Q: On whether she can be reappointed in another gov't post

Drilon: Yes, this is not a perpetual disqualification of holding gov't office, but she cannot be re-appointed as Secretary of DENR.

Q: On whether it was the first time a secret balloting was held

Drilon: I think there was one or two.

Q: On Secretary Yasay?

Drilon: I can't remember. On Secretary Yasay, it was unanimous so there's no need for a secret ballot. Nobody manifested his/her desire to vote for him. In the case of Secretary Aguirre, secret ballot was done.

Drilon: Sad. The Liberal Party would have wanted to see Secretary Lopez carry out her programs, but it's democracy and that's our system.

Q: On the reasons why the appointment was rejected

Drilon: I don't recall the speech of Senator Pacquaio. It should be contained there.

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