Press Release
May 3, 2017

Manifestation of Sen. Joel Villanueva congratulating the participants of the 60th Palarong Pambansa

I would like to congratulate all student-athletes who participated in the 60th Palarong Pambansa. Mr. Speaker, joining the Palarong Pambansa is not an easy feat. This representation was able to join the Palarong Pambansa 25 years ago back in 1992 along with other student-athletes from all over the country. Since then, student-athletes like myself go through different struggles just to be given the opportunity to represent our respective schools and provinces.

Tulad nila, tayo po ay nagbilad sa araw, nangitim, at nagtiis matulog sa matigas na sahig ng mga classrooms.

Mr. Speaker, hindi matatawaran ang halaga ng Palarong Pambansa para sa maraming kabataang Pilipino. Palarong Pambansa serves to open several doors of opportunities for many student-athletes, especially for young Filipinos with great potential to make it big in both national and global arena.

Tayo po mismo ay malaki ang pasasalamat sa Palarong Pambasa na nagbigay sa atin ng pagkakataong maging athlete scholar sa kolehiyo.

Student-athletes have a unique struggle that requires them to balance the responsibility of training on a regular basis while having to accomplish their academic duties at the same time.

Indeed, the Palarong Pambansa serves as a platform to recognize the efforts made by our young athletes. But going beyond extending the recognition they duly deserve, we also hope to provide greater support for our student-athletes. Towards this end, I filed Senate Bill No. 1194 or the Magna Carta for Student Athletes to protect and strengthen the rights of student-athletes, and provide them the support they need to achieve their fullest athletic potentials. We thank the chair of the education committee for giving immediate attention to this proposal and for including this during this morning's committee hearing. I seek the support of the members of this chamber for the immediate passage of this measure.

Maraming salamat po, at mabuhay ang ating mga kabataang atleta.

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